Five Steps In Navigating The Healthcare System

Serenity Guided Care will be by your side every step of the way!

  1.  Communication is the first steps 

Excellent communication in healthcare can help prevent errors, injuries or death. It helps build trust and strengthen the relationship between the client, provider, the family

and caregivers.

2. Understanding your provider is the second step

Many times in healthcare you may be given a diagnosis by your provider, you may have heard what the provider have said, but it may be hard to understand what it means. And when you don't understand it can be hard to ask the right questions or you maybe afraid to ask. 

3. Support is the third step

I have heard this so many times in healthcare, I do not want to burden my kids, spouses or loved ones with my health issues. I have seen patient try to navigate the healthcare system alone. They attend medical appointments alone and are so overwhelmed with emotions that they forget to ask questions and can’t remember half of what the provider has said after the appointment or they must cancel the appointment due to lack of transportation.

4. Coordination of care, is the fourth step

When patients get care, they may interact with doctors, nurses, lab technicians, health care aids. If the health care providers do not coordinate with each other, the results can be harmful for the client. So many things can go wrong when there is a poor coordination of care such as medication errors, unnecessary test, and more expensive healthcare bills. 

5. Follow through is the fifth step

The most important relationship you are going to have is with your healthcare providers.  To improve your health, you must be willing to make a change and follow your plan of care written out by your healthcare provider. following through with your care plan will help you better understand your condition and have more control over your life. 

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Serenity Guided Care staff will make sure we communicate with everyone involved in your care. We will be your second set of ears and your voice when needed. Understanding your medical diagnose and healthcare is our goal and making sure you and your loved ones are properly informed and educated on your health. 

We understand how hard it is for loved ones and family to take time off work to attend medical appointment, research medical diagnoses, fill out medical paperwork and explain insurance and healthcare in detail. Serenity Guided Care staff still will attend each medical appointment requested, be by your side in the ER and hospital. We will create a partnership between your providers, family and loved ones, making sure communication with everyone involved is maintained and coordination of care is properly handled.  

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Serenity Guided Care Patient Advocate Services 

  •  Accompany Clients To Appointments – We meet our clients at all the medical appointments they request us to attend. We develop a close working relationships with their healthcare providers.

  • Provide Transportation – We are happy to provide transportation for our clients when requested for upcoming appointments. We have wheelchair accessible vans if needed.

  • Schedule Your Appointments – Keeping track of all your appointments can be a hassle,. We can schedule your appointments and make sure you are reminded of your  appointments as well. 

  • Getting Your Questions Answered –We have heard numerous times how loved ones are afraid to ask their doctor questions. Sometime loved one just agree with the provider Therefore, they don’t know exactly what is going on. We have a discussion before all your appointments to make sure all your questions are asked and answered to your satisfaction. 

  •  Medication Management – It’s important that all your doctors know what medications you are taking. We maintain a current list of all your medications and dosages, we keep an updated medication log that states the time you took your medication, what you took your medication with and any side effects you may experience.

  • Understanding Your Medical Provider – Often clients struggle to understand their doctor’s diagnosis or instructions. Sometimes they are embarrassed to ask the doctor to repeat something or ask for clarification. Serenity Guided Care staff will be by your side every step of the way ensuring you are fully aware of what's going on with your healthcare.

  • Coordination Of Care –  Our staff help bridge the gap to make sure all your healthcare providers are aware of all your other providers. 

  • Communication With Family –At Serenity Guided Care we believe communication between our clients and loved ones play a very important role in our clients receiving the best healthcare possible. We keep everyone who should have information on our clients up to date.  

  • Helping You Find A New Provider – Are you unhappy with your current providers? We can help you find a new provider or specialist. We will assist you with scheduling the appointment and filling out all medical paperwork.